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Electrical safety | Current students | University of Bristol Current students menu Electrical safety We expect you to take responsibility for your safety and be considerate towards other students, staff and visitors. You should make sure you have read and understand the electrical safety regulations and procedures. On this page Your electrical equipment Items you must not bring University electrical equipment Your electrical equipment You are responsible for the safety of any electrical equipment you bring with you. Your electrical items must be suitable for use in the UK, British Standard approved and correctly wired. The electricity supply in the UK is 220 – 240v. Do not use electrical equipment in the bathroom or shower, unless it is designed for that purpose. We may ask to inspect your electrical equipment. If we think it poses a safety risk, we will take it into storage for you or ask you to remove it. Do not bring These electrical items are not allowed in bedrooms: heaters cooking equipment fridges (unless for a medical reason, in which case a suitable fridge will be provided by the University) multi-socket adaptors These items will be removed and put into storage. Mains extension leads can be used, provided you use no more than one lead per socket. The load on the extension should be no more than 13 amps. Make sure cables are positioned carefully so no one will trip over them. University electrical equipment All University electrical equipment will be tested regularly. Do not modify or interfere with the University’s electrical equipment. If a piece of equipment is not working or you are worried it might be unsafe, let a member of staff know as soon as possible. Accommodation Living in University accommodation Moving in Rent, contracts and regulations Living in residences Health, safety and security Medical care and first aid Students with disabilities or health needs Fire safety Electrical safety Security services in your residence Where to get help Moving out Residence guides Apply to stay in University accommodation Private rented accommodation Facebook Twitter Instagram Home Study at Bristol Undergraduate study Find a course Open days and visits New undergraduate students Postgraduate study Find a programme Visits and open days New postgraduate students Related links International students Accommodation About Schools & faculties Research Business & partnerships News People Current students Current staff Alumni Feedback Edit this page University of Bristol Beacon House Queens Road Bristol, BS8 1QU, UK Tel: +44 (0)117 928 9000 Contact us Information for New students Current students Current staff Connect with us Twitter Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Flickr More social media Study at Bristol Undergraduate study Postgraduate study International students Accommodation Library Students' Union Sport, exercise and health Research Find a researcher Faculty research Impact of our research Research quality and assessment Engaging with the public About the University Maps and travel Tours and visits Events The University on film Explore the city of Bristol Board of Trustees Support the University Alumni and friends Donate Jobs Working at Bristol Job listings A–Z of the University # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z See all Help Terms and conditions Accessibility statements Privacy and cookie policy Modern Slavery statement © 2002-2021 University of Bristol