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ArrayList Lab | CS 159 CS 159 Docs Labs Projects Labs Lab 01 - Eclipse Lab Lab 02 - Memory Lab Lab 03 - Two-Dimensional Arrays Lab Lab 04 - Debugger Lab Lab 05 - Class Design Lab Lab 06 - ArrayList Lab Lab 07 - File I/O Lab View page source Edit this page Create child page Create documentation issue Print entire section Introduction Resources Files Instructions Submitting Tag Cloud .equals1 .jar1 .toString1 2D-array2 accessor1 activation record1 arguments1 array3 arraylist1 checkstyle2 class design1 CLI2 command line2 constructor1 data modeling1 debugger1 docs1 document2 eclipse3 editor2 exceptions1 file2 format2 gradescope1 heap1 input1 install1 jdk1 junit3 lab1 load1 memory1 mutator1 OOP1 output1 overload1 override1 project4 project11 project21 project31 read1 save1 setup1 stack1 stub1 test1 tutor1 unit test2 validate1 visualizer1 write1 Categories Docs2 Lab8 Project4 Labs Lab 06 - ArrayList Lab ArrayList Lab Tags: arraylist command line CLI array document editor unit test junit Categories: Lab   2 minute read   Introduction The goal of this lab is to practice working with ArrayLists by completing a Document class that represents a text document as an ArrayList of String objects, where each entry in the ArrayList corresponds to a single line of text. This lab was designed as a command-line Java application, so you should consider compiling and executing in the terminal. As a reminder, you can follow the following steps to compile and execute a Java program in a Unix-style terminal: cd the_directory_where_your_code_is_stored javac ... java File1 This example assumes that contains the main method for the application. Resources Useful API documents: java.util.ArrayList java.lang.String Files The following files are provided: UNFINISHED This is a simple driver class for testing Take a minute to look over this code to get a better idea of the expected behavior. This is an editor application that provides a command-line interface to the Document class. Instructions Download the files above and complete so that all methods conform to the Javadoc comments. Test your completed file by running the two provided application programs. Your solution should use only enhanced for loops. Submitting Submit your completed version of through Gradescope . You have an unlimited number of submissions. If you have trouble with your submission, you may find it helpful to look at the JUnit submission tests: . Last modified February 24, 2022: lab7 update (4ca7579) © 2022 The Docsy Authors All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy About Goldydocs